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Cumulative Impact Policy (CIP)

Lead petitioner : Nicola Duffey

Status: New > Draft > Rejected > Accepted > Collecting signatures > Awaiting submission > Submitted > Pending owner response > Closed > Withdrawn

Status: Pending owner response


We, the undersigned, would welcome a Cumulative Impact Policy (CIP) in the areas proposed by the Police for the following reasons:

Background information

1) We feel anti-social behaviour has increased dramatically over the past few years in and around the proposed area
2) We have reached saturation point within the town centre with respect to licensed establishments
3) We would be encouraged that a CIP would give the Licensing Committee greater powers when reviewing license applications which they currently do not have
4) The Policy allows a license to be seen in the context of its impact on the whole community - not just those within a 50m radius
5) We feel that this policy will help our community, the police protecting it and the licensing committee to make better decisions in a more holistic way.

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The Council says:
At the Council meeting on 31 October 2011, the implementation of the policy on Cumulative Impact was unanimously agreed. In his message of thanks to all petitioners Councillor Simon James, Chair of the Licensing Committee said "This new policy will allow us to demand that pubs and clubs in the town centre will need to prove that their proposals will not add to problems of disorder and antisocial behaviour rather than for objectors to prove it as previously. We will see over the next few months how effective this is and we will continue the process of conducting full annual reviews of our policy (rather than every 3 years as the government requires). These reviews happen every May so if you have any observations as to how the policy is operating then please do submit them to that review or contact me on "