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No Development at Tolworth Girls School

Lead petitioner : David Henson

Status: New > Draft > Rejected > Accepted > Collecting signatures > Awaiting submission > Submitted > Pending owner response > Closed > Withdrawn

Status: Awaiting submission


We the Residents with the Help of Surbiton & Kingston UKIP, wish to stop all planning applications for the Tolworth Girls School RE-Development. The development is not wanted by the local Community and Local Residents

Background information

This petition is to stop the planned Re development for Tolworth Girls School and Gleeson Homes expanding the existing School and buildings to include around 150 Plus homes on old School land, which many include four storey flats, the cause of such a build will cause more impact and strain of services in the Tolworth and surrounding areas, by creating, ie: pressure on health care, more demand on education places, more traffic, increase in pollution, increase in noise, more rubbish etc, also by more vehicles coming to and from the area there will be further risks of more accidents occurring outside the school area, we already are suffering an increase in many of the same things mentioned above in this area tenfold, we are not happy to accept even more of this.

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