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Coombe Rd/Lime Grove Traffic Safety Review

Lead petitioner : Rebecca Whelton

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Status: Submitted


We the undersigned call on Kingston Council to undertake an urgent review of the the safety of the junction of Coombe Road with Cambridge Avenue and Lime Grove and the nearby Zebra crossing.

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Background information

Junctions are statistically where accidents happen most and pedestrians, cyclists and motor-cyclists are particularly vulnerable. The junction of Coombe Road with Lime Grove and Cambridge Avenue, with the Zebra crossing in close proximity, is a busy and difficult junction for all road users, especially with large lorries moving in and out of the builders' yard. The crossing is well used by pupils and parents of local schools. This petition demands a review of current arrangements and the effectiveness of the Zebra as a safe crossing place, and asks that the council also looks at pedestrian safety on Lime Grove with regards to vehicles mounting the pavement at junctions, opposite the exit to the builders' yard and to pass each other where parking has restricted road width.

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