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Support the houseboats at Railway Wharf

Lead petitioner : Mary Graham

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Status: Closed


We support the two houseboats moored by the Kingston railway bridge and call on Kingston Council to do everything it can to either enable them to stay where they are or provide a good quality alternative mooring nearby.

Background information

These two boats which have been moored by Kingston Railway Bridge since May 2006, have since then been trying to get planning permission to stay permanently at the site. Their latest planning application has been refused due to strong objections from the Environment Agency that the residents of the boats are in grave danger from flooding. These boats pay mooring fees and council tax to the council (totalling almost £10,000 income for the borough per year) and an expensive river licence to the Environment Agency. They are long term residents of the borough and believe the Environment Agency have overstated the dangers. The council also stated that the boats prevent visitors from stopping to shop in Kingston - even though a number of far more suitable moorings are available along the Kingston riverside. These families are here due to the lack of protection for houseboats and have had to fight legal and planning battles for the past 7 years - they simply want to have the same right to a peaceful life as anyone else in the borough. These are not freeloaders they are committed residents of the borough who take part in community activities, add to the local economy on a daily basis and take pride in their surroundings, maintainin sustainable container gardens, (winner of the Container Category of Kingston in Bloom 2007)and add a level of safety and security to the area - including the car park they are moored next to which has been declared to be one of the safest car parks in the borough. Please take a look at the document showing all the moorings on the Kingston Reach of the river and also the document sent in by the Environment Agency which they did not even come to defend in person at the Planning Committee -which meant the boatowners could not speak either.

We have uploaded several documents which you may find helpful in understanding the issues, please take the time to read them.

If you would like more information just come along to visit the boats, they are moored by Kingston Railway bridge next to Canbury Gardens.

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