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Weekday parking problems in Cardinal Crescent and Beechroft Avenue, New Malden

Lead petitioner : Roger Carr

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Status: Pending owner response


The all-day parking of vehicles owned by people who do not live in the two streets above is creating increasing problems.

Can a scheme be developed to ease these problems?

Background information

I am affected in one of more of the following ways:
- Such parking makes access to my driveway extremely difficult
- My view of traffic on the road is obscured while manoeuvring
- Delivery vehicles and refuse collection vehicles have called asking if cars restricting the road width belonged to me because they could not proceed along the street.
- Emergency vehicle access could be similarly impeded or prevented

A "residents only" scheme is not proposed as this would incur an ongoing cost for us all.
All residents in the two streets have not been approached, this is just a small sample.

************************** Council Response **************************

The issues raised in this petition will be discussed at a meeting of the Maldens & Coombe Neighbourhood Committee on 8 December 2010.

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The Council says:
The issues raised in this petition will be discussed at the next Maldens & Coombe Neighbourhood Committee meeting on 30 March 2011.